More Pencil / Floor Studies

15 February 2018

Almost there :)

Floor Tiles V2

13 February 2018

I'm calling these done as more work needs doing. Pretty happy with the end result. Surprised how far Designer let me go detail wise. My PC was less impressed.

Substance Designer - Floor Tiles

09 February 2018

Quality tests continue. Here's a Substance Designer floor tile using my kitchen floor as reference.

Still some mask / edge issues to address. It's close to being done though.

Comic Art WIPs

25 January 2018

As I also like some drawing time here are some WIP sketches from comic art I'm working on.

Some material and rendering exercise

25 January 2018

Currently I've a few projects on the boil. One being some rendering and material work using Substance Designer, Marmoset 3 and UE4.

Sometimes it's the simple assets that prove to be a challenge :)